Gene Information

Gene_ID: "lnckb.100"
Location: chr1:1430157-1434573
Strand: -
   CHESS : CHS.100
   BIGtranscriptome : BIG-gene-chr1-86
   gene_name: LOC102724312    gene_name: RP4-758J18.10
Positional Classification: genic
External Information
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Tissue Expression plot for lnckb.100

Gene expression box plot distribution of the gene lnckb.100. The x-axis represents the 31 solid organ human normal tissues from GTEx and y-axis is the TPM expression for the gene lnckb.100 in the indicated tissue.



Tissue Specificity score for lnckb.100

The tissue specificity of genes encoding lncRNA is calculated as the Tau and PEM score. Tau summarizes in a single number whether a gene is tissue-specific or ubiquitously expressed and PEM shows for each tissue separately how specific the gene is to that tissue. The PEM scores is the expression of the lnckb.100 in a given tissue in relation to its average expression across all other genes and other tissues.

Tau score for lnckb.100 is 0.6591




Tissue Expression Network/Module and Pathway information

Co-expression network analysis of gene expression data for 30 tissues assigned lnckb.100 to a module/cluster of genes in each dataset. Shown below is a table of top 3 pathways for which all of the co-expression module containing lnckb.100 as one of the genes enriched in. Click on tissue name to browse the tissue page to visit the lncBodyMap page of that particular tissue. Or icon to download the full pathway enrichment results for that tissue. Or click on Module to download the adjacency matrix.



Number of SNPs that alter the expression of lnckb.100 at p < 0.05 for the indicated tissues are summarized in the barplot, with the number of SNPs altering the expression printed on the respective bars on the barplot. List of SNPs that alter the expression of lnckb.100 at p < 0.05 for the indicated tissues are shown in a table.