About Metamoodics





Metamoodics is a bioinformatics resource that synthesizes the findings from genetic studies of mood disorders, including bipolar disorder and major depression, and displays the findings in their genomic context.


At the core of Metamoodics is a relational database that contains key descriptions and data from the most comprehensive genetic studies on mood disorders that have been published in the literature. It includes data from association, expression and linkage studies, and it covers individual positional and/or functional candidate gene studies as well as genome-wide studies. Results of meta or mega analyses of the these studies are provided.


Details about the findings from these genetic studies can be viewed by any gene or polymorphism across the genome. Metamoodics also provides an interactive browser for viewing the findings within the context of other genomic information. The browser allows the user to select the features they wish to view along with the results. This resource is made freely available to the research community in the hopes of facilitating the discovery of the genetic causes of mood disorders.