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  Chromosome: chr11    Cytoband: p15.5    Gene: DRD4


BP - Candidate Gene Association Studies for DRD4



Shown here are all published candidate gene association studies of gene DRD4 in bipolar disorder as of 05/01/2013. For genes with three or more case-control studies, a meta-analysis has been carried out. The results of meta-analysis are graphically displayed in the Results Figure, and key data from each of the studies are provided in the Results Table. Details of the methods for carrying out the meta-analysis are provided here.



Results Figure








Results Table



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Var/Study 95%_CIORSEz-statistic-log(p)casescontrolsethnicity
exonIII-repeat(4/2) [1.01,1.59]1.270.1152.0850.0371596986
Lim,1994 [0.53,1.64]0.940.284-0.2180.8275147150caucasian0.6360.0920.8950.060
Manki,1996 [0.63,3.8]1.540.4610.9370.348852100asian0.8370.0870.8950.060
Oruc,1997 [0.39,2.89]1.060.5120.1140.90933965caucasian0.6800.0900.6800.080
Li,1999 [0.74,1.91]1.190.2410.7210.471284154asian0.7560.2080.7700.179
Serretti,1999 [1.12,2.23]1.580.1762.6020.0093210471caucasian0.6500.1500.7000.100
Castro,1999 [0.36,1.94]0.840.427-0.4080.68316446caucasian0.6600.1100.6600.130
exonIII-repeat(4/3) [0.5,1.57]0.890.290-0.4020.6874544886
Lim,1994 [0.26,1.14]0.550.372-1.6080.1079147150caucasian0.6360.0410.6270.073
Oruc,1997 [0.27,5.78]1.250.7810.2860.77523965caucasian0.6800.0400.6800.030
Li,1999 [0.14,3.9]0.750.841-0.3420.732384154asian0.7560.0120.7700.016
Serretti,1999 [0.88,3.4]1.730.3451.5900.1118210471caucasian0.6500.0400.7000.030
Castro,1999 [0.18,1.63]0.540.564-1.0930.27436446caucasian0.6600.0500.6600.090
exonIII-repeat(4/5) [0.89,2.92]1.610.3041.5680.1169532940
Lim,1994 [0.39,7.11]1.680.7360.7050.4809147150caucasian0.6360.0170.6270.010
Manki,1996 [0.7,6.05]2.060.5501.3150.188652100asian0.8370.0670.8950.035
Oruc,1997 [0.06,5.46]0.551.171-0.5110.60973965caucasian0.6800.0100.6800.020
Li,1999 [0.14,3.9]0.750.841-0.3420.732384154asian0.7560.0120.7700.016
Serretti,1999 [0.76,5.89]2.110.5241.4260.1540210471caucasian0.6500.0200.7000.010
exonIII-repeat(4/7) [0.83,1.33]1.050.1210.4050.6858460732
Lim,1994 [0.14,7.21]1.011.0030.0100.9921147150caucasian0.6360.0070.6270.006
Li,1999 [0.04,2.61]0.311.087-1.0770.281384154asian0.7560.0060.7700.020
Serretti,1999 [0.14,3.35]0.690.806-0.4600.6453210471caucasian0.6500.0000.7000.010
exonIII-repeat(4/6) [0.22,1.83]0.630.544-0.8490.3957441775
Lim,1994 [0.72,1.66]1.10.2100.4540.6499147150caucasian0.6360.2070.6270.187
Oruc,1997 [0.35,1.81]0.790.423-0.5570.57733965caucasian0.6800.1300.6800.170
Serretti,1999 [0.73,1.41]1.010.1700.0580.9534210471caucasian0.6500.1400.7000.150
Castro,1999 [0.63,3.28]1.440.4200.8680.38536446caucasian0.6600.1600.6600.110






Author Title    Journal Year PMID
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