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  Chromosome: chr13    Cytoband: q14.2    Gene: HTR2A


BP - Candidate Gene Association Studies for HTR2A



Shown here are all published candidate gene association studies of gene HTR2A in bipolar disorder as of 05/01/2013. For genes with three or more case-control studies, a meta-analysis has been carried out. The results of meta-analysis are graphically displayed in the Results Figure, and key data from each of the studies are provided in the Results Table. Details of the methods for carrying out the meta-analysis are provided here.



Results Figure








Results Table



Var/Study 95%_CIORSEz-statistic-log(p)casescontrolsethnicityGTGT
rs1805055 [0.32,2.47]0.900.515-0.2050.8379486618
Maria,1997 [0.81,3.4]1.660.3661.3860.1659305413caucasian0.9700.0300.9800.020
Gutierrez,1997 [0.12,3.52]0.640.870-0.5130.607988113caucasian0.9890.0110.9820.018
Ranade,2003 [0.06,1.74]0.330.848-1.3070.19129392caucasian0.9900.0100.9700.030
rs2070040 [0.76,1.16]0.940.107-0.5770.56419551474
Johansson,2001 [0.61,1.47]0.950.223-0.2300.81798282caucasian0.5730.4270.5610.439
Chee,2001 [0.46,0.88]0.640.162-2.7470.0060142148asian0.5920.4080.4800.520
Bonnier,2002 [1.05,2.09]1.480.1762.2260.0260127142caucasian0.5390.4610.6340.366
Ranade,2003 [0.56,1.28]0.850.209-0.7780.43659392caucasian0.6100.3900.5700.430
Etain,2004 [0.81,1.32]1.030.1270.2340.8153356208caucasian0.5420.4580.5500.450
Kishi,2009 [0.68,1.11]0.870.124-1.1200.2625155802asian0.5940.4060.5600.440
rs6305 [0.45,2.84]1.140.4660.2810.7784480617
Maria,1997 [0.95,3.45]1.810.3291.8030.0714299412caucasian0.9600.0400.9800.020
Gutierrez,1997 [0.12,1.19]0.380.582-1.6610.096688113caucasian0.9770.0230.9420.058
Ranade,2003 [0.58,4.98]1.700.5480.9680.33329392caucasian0.9500.0500.9700.030
rs6313 [0.88,1.08]0.980.050-0.4080.683613732386
Zhang,1997 [0.41,1.25]0.710.289-1.1870.235331150asian0.6130.3870.5300.470
Maria,1997 [0.68,1.04]0.840.109-1.6000.1096298435caucasian0.6000.4000.5650.435
Mahieu,1997 [0.68,1.48]1.000.2000.0001.000083129caucasian0.5540.4460.5540.446
Gutierrez,1997 [0.67,1.48]1.000.2000.0001.000088113caucasian0.5850.4150.5840.416
Tut,1999 [0.82,2.16]1.330.2471.1530.24917274asian0.3200.6800.3900.610
Massat,2000 [0.82,1.28]1.030.1110.2670.7898309309caucasian0.5230.4770.5290.471
Blairy,2000 [0.46,1.33]0.780.272-0.9130.36154089caucasian0.6000.4000.5400.460
Heiden,2000 [0.64,1.46]0.960.214-0.1910.848710279caucasian0.5300.4700.5300.470
Ranade,2003 [0.55,1.29]0.840.219-0.7970.42579392caucasian0.6500.3500.6100.390
Kumar,2007 [0.63,1.34]0.920.192-0.4350.6639102114asian0.5740.4260.5500.450
Kishi,2009 [0.96,1.56]1.220.1251.5850.1129155802asian0.4650.5350.5150.485
rs6314 [0.6,1.78]1.030.2790.1060.91579881004
Maria,1997 [0.83,1.7]1.190.1820.9560.3391298432caucasian0.9050.0950.9150.085
Gutierrez,1997 [0.68,2.93]1.410.3730.9210.357288113caucasian0.9090.0910.9340.066
Johansson,2001 [0.3,1.29]0.620.374-1.2790.20108282caucasian0.9210.0790.8780.122
Ranade,2003 [0.14,0.8]0.340.437-2.4710.01359392caucasian0.9600.0400.8900.110
Etain,2004 [0.49,1.22]0.770.235-1.1130.2657325171caucasian0.9220.0780.9010.099
Kumar,2007 [1.95,7.64]3.860.3483.8780.0001102114asian0.8240.1760.9470.053






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