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  Chromosome: chr17    Cytoband: q11.2    Gene: SLC6A4


BP - Candidate Gene Association Studies for SLC6A4



Shown here are all published candidate gene association studies of gene SLC6A4 in bipolar disorder as of 05/01/2013. For genes with three or more case-control studies, a meta-analysis has been carried out. The results of meta-analysis are graphically displayed in the Results Figure, and key data from each of the studies are provided in the Results Table. Details of the methods for carrying out the meta-analysis are provided here.



Results Figure








Results Table



Var/Study 95%_CIORSEz-statistic-log(p)casescontrolsethnicitylongshortlongshort
rs4795541 [0.95,1.16]1.050.0510.9600.337134954870
Collier,1996 [1.07,1.59]1.30.1032.5540.0107305570Caucasian0.5200.4800.5730.426
Rees,1997 [0.61,1.19]0.850.172-0.9470.3438168118Caucasian0.5900.4100.5500.450
Oruc,1997 [0.77,2.97]1.510.3451.1940.23244240Caucasian0.4400.5600.5500.450
Kunugi,1997 [0.59,1.28]0.870.197-0.7070.4796140207Asian0.1860.8140.2080.792
Hoehe,1998 [0.78,1.59]1.110.1830.5690.569279281Caucasian0.5570.4430.5840.416
Furlong,1998 [0.77,1.61]1.110.1900.5500.582387174Caucasian0.5630.4360.5900.411
Oliveira,1998 [0.63,1.73]1.050.2550.1920.84814798Caucasian0.5960.4040.6170.383
Gutierrez,1998 [0.71,1.57]1.060.2000.2910.771288113Caucasian0.5170.4830.5310.469
Ohara,1998 [0.56,2.02]1.060.3290.1770.85943492Asian0.2500.7500.2390.761
Bellivier,1998 [0.87,1.74]1.230.1771.1700.242120499Caucasian0.5340.4660.5860.414
Ospina-Duque,2000 [0.58,1.24]0.850.193-0.8440.3989103112Caucasian0.4700.5300.5100.490
Mellerup,2001 [0.56,1.36]0.870.228-0.6110.541266108Caucasian0.6200.3800.5900.410
Rotondo,2002 [1.09,2.25]1.570.1842.4570.0140111127Caucasian0.4600.5400.5700.430
Hauser,2003 [1.18,2.19]1.610.1573.0340.0024132213Caucasian0.4890.5110.6060.394
Mendlewicz,2004 [0.91,1.24]1.060.0800.7280.4665572821Caucasian0.5400.4600.5550.445
Sun,2004 [0.51,1.3]0.820.235-0.8440.39868580Asian0.2880.7120.3310.669
Meira-Lima,2005 [0.69,1]0.830.095-1.9600.0500429495Caucasian0.6030.3970.5630.437
Ikeda,2006 [0.58,1.27]0.860.199-0.7580.4483109288Asian0.1930.8070.2170.783
Bogaert,2006 [0.82,1.38]1.060.1350.4330.6651182364Caucasian0.5890.4110.6040.396
Kumar,2007 [0.94,2.01]1.380.1921.6790.0932102114Asian0.5050.4950.4250.575
Vincze,2008 [0.63,0.95]0.780.101-2.4700.0135410356Caucasian0.5880.4120.5860.414
rs57098334(12/10)¬† [0.79,1.07]0.920.077-1.0820.279218392737
Collier,1996 [0.41,0.75]0.550.158-3.7780.0002191187Caucasian0.6700.3100.5400.450
Ogilvie,1996 [0.81,2.08]1.30.2401.0940.273944193Caucasian0.5230.4550.5930.396
Bellivier,1997 [0.67,1.53]1.010.2120.0470.962510986Caucasian0.6150.3800.6160.378
Rees,1997 [0.52,1.03]0.730.176-1.7920.0732171121Caucasian0.6400.3500.5600.420
Kunugi,1997 [0.33,1]0.580.278-1.9600.0500142212Asian0.9330.0670.8890.111
Hoehe,1998 [0.9,1.84]1.290.1811.4050.159979294Caucasian0.5440.4490.6020.386
Furlong,1998 [0.6,1.28]0.870.197-0.7070.479687174Caucasian0.6150.3560.5830.388
Gutierrez,1998 [0.75,1.76]1.150.2170.6440.519888113Caucasian0.6610.3330.6820.300
Bellivier,1998 [0.7,1.43]10.1820.0001.000019996Caucasian0.6210.3620.6250.300
Liu,1999 [0.6,1.67]10.2620.0001.0000137362Asian0.9200.0800.9190.080
Saleem,2000 [0.42,1.45]0.780.316-0.7850.43225050Asian0.7500.2500.7000.300
Heiden,2000 [0.35,0.84]0.540.225-2.7330.006310279Caucasian0.6800.2900.5500.440
Mellerup,2001 [0.82,2.01]1.290.2261.1250.260466108Caucasian0.5700.4200.6200.360
Yen,2003 [0.57,2.12]1.10.3350.2850.775983169Asian0.9100.0900.0970.083
Sun,2004 [0.44,1.95]0.930.378-0.1920.84778091Asian0.9130.0880.9070.093
Ikeda,2006 [0.55,1.74]0.970.298-0.1020.9186109288Asian0.9220.0780.9200.079
Kumar,2007 [0.78,1.82]1.190.2170.8020.4223102114Asian0.7000.3000.7370.263
rs57098334(12/9) [0.57,1.59]0.950.263-0.1950.845211361451
Collier,1996 [0.16,3.91]0.780.822-0.3020.7626191187Caucasian0.6700.0080.5400.008
Ogilvie,1996 [0.44,13.92]2.480.8801.0320.302144193Caucasian0.5230.0230.5930.010
Bellivier,1997 [0.05,12.8]0.791.421-0.1660.868210986Caucasian0.6150.0050.6160.006
Rees,1997 [0.18,2.19]0.620.644-0.7420.4578171121Caucasian0.6400.0100.5600.020
Hoehe,1998 [0.07,4.84]0.591.074-0.4910.623179294Caucasian0.5440.0060.6020.012
Furlong,1998 [0.32,2.85]0.950.561-0.0920.927187174Caucasian0.6150.0290.5830.029
Gutierrez,1998 [0.04,2.96]0.331.119-0.9900.321988113Caucasian0.6610.0060.6820.018
Bellivier,1998 [0.35,8.31]1.70.8100.6550.512219996Caucasian0.6210.0170.6250.010
Heiden,2000 [0.3,8.24]1.560.8490.5240.600510279Caucasian0.6800.0300.5500.010
Mellerup,2001 [0.16,5.03]0.90.878-0.1200.904566108Caucasian0.5700.0100.6200.020






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